mi|im for Retail


mi|im digitizes your physical stores to give you analytics like those available for e-commerce. Expose key data points about your product, customers, staff, and store lay out. Get a deeper understanding of how your business is performing and the data to help you make it better.

See Movement

A God’s eye view shows your entire space to scale and everyone’s exact position.

Understand where people are and where they have been, where they interact and for how long, all through their movements represented as dots on a gridded floor plan.

Add Context

We understand that not all areas in your space are created equal, context matters.

As we digitize your floor plan into a grid, you tell us which collections of squares mean something to your unique space, allowing for a quick code of the context associated with those blocks into the system. We package and deliver the data from the activity in those zones as custom reports.

Installation Kit

Get started with the installation of mi|im Motion Processing Units (MPUs).

The kit includes the MPUs you need for complete coverage of your space. The mi|im team scans your location ahead of installation to identify the best placement of all sensors. Once installed, we calibrate the MPUs to convert the movement of people into actionable insights.

Analytics For Your Physical Stores

Perfect Paths

As dots move from square to square, mi|im reveals their paths through the space, from the moment each person enters your space to the moment they leave.

We keep track of the movement of people as dots and convert them into actionable data. We report dots’ interactions with the functional blocks and how they move throughout the space.

Movement Metrics

Movement Metrics quantitatively describe what matters to your location. This data teaches you new ways to optimize product pricing and placement, as well as improve customer experiences and staffing needs.

Metrics are delivered in reports on a daily, weekly, quarterly, and custom basis. Compare over time to see how new data-backed decisions are impacting your business.

Movement Moments

Movement Moments capture the individual stories of those who move through your space. That gives you a qualitative look into the specific interactions and happenings of your location.

Moments are a series of scenes from the day of important movements, queued up like a playlist. Additionally, search and filter through all your saved Moments to find what matters over time.

The Retail Game

Turn your space into a mi|im enabled location

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